Metabolic diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions are continuously on the increase and a significant cause of early death. My own mother died at the way too young age of 72 years from a heart attack after she suffered a major stroke just 7 weeks prior, a total shock to the whole family, especially my father. He had a double heart bypass less than a year later, and other chronic inflammatory conditions which diminish his quality of life. I wish I knew then what I now know.

High level nutrition should be made a priority treatment for a variety of illnesses and diseases but is too often overlooked. And if you are like most people, you may not have the time to eat, let alone prepare or even grow the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that your body actually needs to function optimally.

Losing my mother way too early, plus heart disease and diabetes running in both sides of my family became my drive and motivation to research more on the role of nutrition in wellness. My research led me to Juice Plus and the high food-grade, plant-based & totally safe nutritional support products backed by 25 years of peer-review studies, which I now consume daily. It is the simplest way to ensure my body has what it needs to function as best it can, to improve my immunity, reduce inflammation and together with a wholefoods-based diet, regular movement practices, and adequate hydration, I hope to prevent any metabolic diseases from presenting.

I am passionate about helping people be and feel the best they can. If you want to kick-start your health journey and bridge the gap in what your diet lacks and your body needs, then book in a FREE consultation to see if these products could work for you too. Depending on your specific health goals, I can also recommend an easy-to-follow program for you to achieve your desired outcome. Some products also unlock free kids’ fruits and vegetable chews which have shown to improve kids health in a Family Health Study documented over 25 years.

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