For me, Afro-Cuban dance and music are keys to opening ourselves to connection, community and joy. The rhythm has an innate connection to nature itself when we allow ourselves to explore the origins of these rhythms that came from Africa and brought to the new world like Cuba and Brazil, first via the slaves, and now to Australia via practitioners who felt a deeper connection to either the music, dance or spirituality.

Since 2012, I have hosted annual dance and drum retreats under the banner Afrekete – a word representing Ocean mother, coming from the Dahomey region of Nigeria and Benin. This retreat was co-created with two of Australia’s prominent Cuban dance artists and facilitators (Adrian Medina & Israel Ortiz) and brings people together from all over Australia to share in a weekend immersive experience in dance, song, drumming, culture and sharing together in an inclusive space.

If you feel like experiencing something that may transform you in the way you move, how you connect to yourself and to others around you, I’d love you to join us on our next weekend retreat on 7-9 June 2024 in the beautiful Magnetic Island, off Townsville.

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