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Hi I’m Christina Monneron and I am movement facilitator and wellness mentor. I help people find a sense of belonging, purpose, and connect deeper to their innate ability to heal themselves via unique and supportive ways.

I am passionate about holistic mind-body-soul health, and create connection and community in safe and nurturing spaces where people can come together to express their true essence.

I advocate for living life to the maximum, to dance like EVERYBODY’s watching and to be able to feel energetic and vital as long as possible as we mature and age.

I have over 23 years’ experience as a community leader not only in the performing arts space, but also in helping people overcome trauma and unlock their negative internal blocks to be the best version of themselves in body, mind and soul using natural approaches. Prior to that I worked in the conventional world as a pharmaceutical research scientist.

I have developed my unique signature programs to bring a holistic approach to your wellness, giving you a broader cultural perspective through rarely experienced tribal dance, and rhythm, coupled with holistic mindset and metaphysical techniques, plus nutrition support to enhance your overall energy, immunity and vitality. 

I believe only YOU hold the key to your wellness and if you feel stuck in any way, my offerings are here as a guide to help you clear the blockages in order for you to feel your optimal self.

Here’s a little backstory as to why I chose the business name Clearwater Wellness: 

Clear Water is the direct translation of 2 words in the ancient Yoruba language of my ancestry, given to me in an initiation ceremony in Cuba in 2001. It represents the metaphysical modality of healing (using  cleansed or purified water) that I have now incorporated alongside my dance, movement & nutrition programs to provide a unique offering in the holistic wellness space. 

  • Omi = water 
  •  Ẹfun = ‘chalk’ (a type of ochre) which is sourced near waterways, especially the sea, and used in cleansing rituals
  • Omi Lẹfun = water that is cleansed/ clear/ purified  
  • Symbolises: clarity, integrity, trust, nurture, healing, purity, and transparency
Head Shot - Christina
Ocean Ritual - Christina
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