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Movement Therapy

Christina’s practice of Orisha movement is an example of an ancient tribal movement modality with origins in Yoruba culture of Nigeria which has been brought to the new world via practitioners. It has an intrinsic connection to nature and can be described as archetypes of the human psyche. Christina has been initiated in the Afro-Cuban version through sacred ceremony in 2001 and has now developed this type of movement for wellness as an alternative form of therapy to clients who feel stuck in their bodies and wish to move with ease and flow.


Christina at Afrekete 2023
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Holistic Metaphysical Healing

Holistic Metaphysical Healing takes into account the mindset and psychology of healing, and not merely the physiology of healing from dis-ease and physical trauma. Through different modalities, Christina explores where the blockages to healing may be, and helps clients clear these blockages. The techniques can vary from energy or vibrational medicine, meridian or chakra healing, neuro-linguistic programming or emotional-freedom techniques, to ancient spiritual practices & rituals.

Nutrition Support

If you are ready to make your health a priority and want to feel the best version of yourself, and you are looking for alternative ways to achieve wellness, Christina has a variety of vitality programs, wholefoods recipes, plus high-grade plant-based nutrition support from the most researched natural products on the market. If you are passionate about healthy food and looking for an additional income stream, you are encouraged to apply to join Christina as an ambassador.

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What People Are Saying

The nutrition support products are wonderful, I have felt a difference and they have made a difference to my vitality & helped with gut health.

The gummies have worked wonders for my son. He’s been a bit overweight for a while & it’s been difficult to get him to eat fruit & veggies. He loves having the gummies. He has actually lost weight and is keen to eat healthier meals, instead of snacking on junk through out the day.

December 2022

I have had a long journey of ill health that doctors have sometimes been baffled as to why I’m still alive. Through some of the techniques Christina uses, I have learned simple tools to be able to use at home, which has improved my mental health and belief in the self-healing journey. Grateful for the ongoing work with Christina to hopefully achieve a better quality of life for me.

February 2023

Movement with Christina has been part of my own healing journey for a few years as well as the healing of a group of women I host gatherings for; the ease of the movement via Christina’s gentle facilitation has contributed to me feeling more comfortable with my feminine expression. I have also seen progress in the group sessions where the women documented that they felt more ‘at home’ in their bodies, more confident, and more courageous to express themselves.

March 2023

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