The unique RhythMMM method

Enhance quality of life & boost confidence using our unique RhythMMM method to deliver authentic & inclusive cultural dance programs in your school, organisation, community, aged care facility and now also online via Zoom.
(Rhythm spelt with triple-M stands for Music, Movement, Mindset)



With music from different cultures and different eras, experience music for the soul, soul-food — cultures everywhere connect to music.



Improve your balance and fitness, increase your confidence, interact with others, connect to the body and feel the benefit of physical connection.



Be open, learn new things, remain positive and you will find you can dance, yes you can! You don’t need your feet, your heart is what keeps the beat!

Why choose RhythMMM?

Our genuine facilitators come with a strong commitment to deliver quality cultural dance programs for all ages and abilities in an encouraging & uplifting manner.


An activity that will engage your mind, activate your body, indulge your senses and provide a chance to make new friends & connect to your tribe…


Of taking a trip to Cuba, feeling the beat of drums like your own heartbeat, swaying to the harmonious melodies of guitars and laughing together with a group of like-minded people…

Our programs...

Are not only fun, they are inclusive, educative and will have you feeling good all over. This is what is guaranteed when you let the RhythMMM move you…

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once

— #Friedrich Nietzsche

RhythMMM for seniors


Music, movement and mindset for wellbeing

Seniors play a valuable role in our community and our RhythMMM programs highlight the importance of not only engaging in the arts as audience members but also of actively participating in creative activities to foster good health and wellbeing. Whilst all modalities of the arts are beneficial, dance has been found to particularly improve wellbeing in the elderly, and even shown to reverse the signs of the ageing process itself. RhythMMM enhances the quality of life using their unique MMM (Triple M) method – Music, Movement and Mindset – to deliver quality fun, cultural dance programs in the Aged Care sector.

RhythMMM for all ages

Creator and principal facilitator of RhythMMM programs, Christina Monneron, has studied dance and its benefits in people of other cultures such as Mauritius, Ghana and Cuba. From her studies in Cuba spanning 20 years, she discovered that the mindset of the Cuban people is the key to their ‘never too old to dance’ attitude. The culture fosters creative expression in all the arts, from visual arts to music and dance, and places are even set up for their seniors to have access to all of the above on a day-to-day basis. There is music on every street corner, and the young and young-at-heart play, sing and dance. People in their 70’s are not limited by our social norms and can gyrate their hips like any 20 year old (sometimes even better!). 


Our programs

"There is no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear."

— #rhythMMM


Carolyn Davison

I have had the pleasure of doing dance classes with Christina and her wonderful team for quite some time now. Christina is a unpretentious, warm, passionate and fun teacher. A truly beautiful woman.

Barcala Family

These guys are great, as a complete beginner I feel I have been warmly welcomed and it's so much fun. If you've been thinking about this for years, just go for it. I think I'm already addicted!

Mary Lord

I love the culture and dances and want to learn them. Only seen RhythMMM once but I love the music!

Hello, I'm Christina

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